Does Braiding Your Hair Make It Grow Longer?


Braiding does not make your hair grow longer. Some women say that it does because braiding their hair helps with damage and breakage. With less damage to the hair, it will look healthier and stronger.
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Eat a healthy, balanced diet to promote optimal hair growth. Get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks to keep it healthy so it can grow without being damaged. Try not to use heat on it
Contrary to popular belief, brushing your hair three times a day or using the very best conditions aren't the only things one can do to promote healthy hair. According to Hair Boutique
Braiding your hair makes the hair grow faster because it keeps it tight and
1. Use chemical-free shampoo and conditioner. Long hair starts with good hair care, and good hair care starts with using the right shampoo and conditioner. It's important to use products
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To make hair grow faster drink the recommended daily amount of water, drink green tea, take a brisk walk several times a week, get enough sleep, indulge in daily ...
Castor oil is touted by many as a natural treatment for hair growth, however, there is no way to determine how long it makes a person's hair grow within a month. ...
There is no exact formula for growing longer hair, however, massaging the scalp to encourage hair growth, maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with a nutritious ...
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