Does Buspar Cause Weight Gain?


BuSpar can contribute to weight gain though the case is very rare. However, weight loss has been reported also. If you are consuming this drug and weight gain happens, talk to your healthcare provider so that he can suggest certain routine changes or change you to another medication.
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Buspar (buspirone): Side Effects
Side effects that you should report to your doctor or health care professional as soon as possible: blurred vision or other vision changes chest pain confusion difficulty breathing feelings of hostility or anger muscle aches and pains numbness or More »
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Weight gain can be caused my many things. You can be eating too much or have a big change in your diet. Also it can be caused my medications as well.
1. Write down the calorie count of everything you eat for a few days. The average amount per day is the amount of calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight. To
Generally, eating too much and exercising too little.
Weight gain is caused by taking in more calories than you expend. Meaning you do not burn
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What causes weight gain is generally an amount of calories consumed that is above the necessary amount required to keep the body fueled. If you eat more calories ...
Weight gain is the act of adding more weight to your usual weight. This can be caused by many factors including eating foods high in calories and fats .All the ...
There are a lot of things that can cause sudden weight gain. Pregnancy, birth control pills, stress, hormonal fluctuations, puberty, medications, edema and thyroid ...
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