Does Butter Need to Be Refrigerated?


Butter does not need to be refrigerated as it can be kept out for several days without going rancid. How long it will stay fresh at room temperature depends on the amount of heat and light it gets and whether it is wrapped. It is advisable to always store butter tightly wrapped or in a covered dish.
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Butter is a natural dairy product made by churning or shaking cream
Modern refrigerators do more than old models. They can often make ice on their own, and higher end models also dispense cold and hot water. Refrigerators need water lines so that
ive had almond butter last for 9 years .so i'd say yes.
Let me tell you a story about my father. He loves Peanutbutter. He would smear his peanutbutter with a knife and then clean it with his tongue, and then decide again he wants more
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