Does Cameron Diaz have any brothers or sisters?


Cameron Diaz had an older sister named Chimene. Cameron was born in San Diego, California on the 30th of August, 1972. She was a daughter to Emilio Diaz; a second generation Cuban American and Billie; German and indigenous American descent.
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Cameron Diaz has one older sister named Chimene, though her age isn...
He has 1 brother (Doug) and 1 sister (Julie) they are both married, do not know if he has kids, she has a son and twin girls.
It was never stated in the books. However I had only one child. She never complained about being an only child. She once said that she enjoyed not having to share the attention. Since
Her father (of Italian origin) is Sylvio -Tony- Ciccone. Her mother (of French-Canadian origin) is Madonna Fortin. They had 3 sons (Martin, Anthony, Christopher) and 3 daughters (
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