Does Canned Chicken Broth Go Bad?


Canned chicken broth can go bad when it surpasses its shelf life of about seven years. The date of expiration should be printed on the can.
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Chicken goes bad relatively quickly and you need to be pretty careful with it. Once it has defrosted, it needs to be cooked immediately. Check the color of the skin (should have no
If frozen, no more than a few hours. Bacteria begins to grow on thawed meat. Hard to say but if it gets warm to the touch probably not good.
I would keep it in fridge no more than 2days. I freeze my chicken broth in ice cube trays or popcicle trays. :0)
Low-acid canned foods such as
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Chicken broth does go bad. The can or container should have a best if used by date. If the date has already passed, you should open the container and look at and ...
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