Does Canned Soup Expire?


Yes, canned soup can expire. The shelf life of canned soup can vary depending on its ingredients, but the soup's expiration date can be found on the top, bottom, or side of the can.
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if it is pass the expiration date then throw it away and buy a new can of soup. You don't want to get tummy aches from it and it's BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. =
Everything dairy will have an expiration date.
When in doubt, throw it out. It makes no sense to mess with your health or die in a terrible way over a few cans of expired food. You don't want to get sick from botulism. Source(
If the film was stored properly, it may work properly, or it may have some strange effects, colors, exposure, etc. It's way past its "date" so I would use it as soon as
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Canned soup typically do have a best sell by date on them. Though some people would not considered it expired at that point. However, damaged canned soup can become spoiled.
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Soup can last for many months past its expiration date. Canned food has a shelf life of over one year. ...
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