Does Carrie Underwood Have Any Siblings?


Carrie Underwood have two siblings. Both of them are girls and are older than her. Carrie's parent, Stephen and Carole, raised her with her two older sisters, Shanna and Stephanie in their farm.
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She has two older sisters named, Shanna Means and Stephanie Shelton.
Carrie Underwood is a country singer. She was the winner of American Idol's fourth season and has since taken off in the country music field.
Carrie Underwood grew up on a farm in Checotah, OK. She has two older
Carrie Underwood is from a small town called Checotah in Oklahoma. Carrie was a farm girl with 2 older sisters. Now she is a multimillionaire with many awards for country music songs
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Carrie Underwood has only been able to help write some of her songs but has not written any complete song. She therefore does not write any of her music. The American ...
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