Does Carrie Underwood have any siblings?


American Idol superstar Carrie Marie Underwood has two older sisters, Stephanie and Shanna. Stephanie was born in 1970 while Shanna was born in 1973. As of 2014, both siblings teach elementary school.

Born in Muskogee, Okla., on March 10, 1983, Carrie Underwood was the youngest of three children. Because her sisters were much older, they used to dress her up and treat her like she was their own personal Barbie. This is where Underwood developed her love for fashion, according to Taste of Country. Her oldest sister, Stephanie, moved out when Carrie was only 4 years old, but she has remained close with both siblings.

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Carrie Underwood grew up on a farm in Checotah, OK. She has two older
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