Does Cataclean Work?


Indeed the Cataclean works. It first cleans your vehicle's fuel system, improving cylinder fuel burning then cleans the surface of the catalytic converter which improves gas flow and reduces emissions. Cataclean helps to improve fuel consumption and engine performance, reducing smoke emissions by up to 60% in both petrol and diesel engines.
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Cataclean is a superior cleansing agent and does not alter the fuel, whether petrol, dual-fuel, or diesel in any way. It is specifically designed and formulated to "detoxify&
Manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for Performance and Fit. Designed to withstand excessive heat and high electrical demands. Longest performance life.
It is recommended that one bottle of Cataclean (16.7 fluid ounces) is introduced into your fuel tank, once every three months. If your vehicle is subjected to a lot of stop and start
Cataclean relies heavily on audited independent laboratories to substantiate our claims. Any product can produce a personal testimonial but only Cataclean stakes our name and reputation
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