Does Chlorine Kill Lice?


No, chlorine does not kill lice. However going into a chlorinated pool also will not spread lice to others as they won't let go of the person's head they are on while in the water. If a person has recently treated for lice, they should not go swimming within 1-2 days of treatment.
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What is Chlorine. Chlorine was first made in 1774 by Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele, who believed it contained oxygen. He did this by treating muriatic acid with manganese
Because chlorine is a powerful oxidant, in high enough concentrations it can kill anything, including viruses. In solution, pH affects the disinfectant properties of chlorine, with
The chlorine levels found in pools do not kill head lice but it is more
Chlorine damages cells by releasing free oxygen which combines with cell proteins causing them to denature. Because the hypochlorite ion forms when such compounds as sodium hypochlorite
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Yes, Chlorine does in fact kill lice. That is why extremely large amounts of chlorine are used in public pools.
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