Does Cinnamon Kill Ants?


Ants are a pest, and nobody likes having them in his or her home. There are a variety of home remedies that claim to get rid of ants in your home. Some kill the ants, some simply discourage them from entering the home. One home remedy says that cinnamon will keep ants out. Sprinkle the ants where you see them, put it across the entry points, and even near windows and outlets. The ants will avoid the cinnamon. It is important to use fresh cinnamon.
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Pest Control: Ants
Focus your management efforts on excluding ants from buildings or valuable plants and eliminating their food and water sources. Reducing outdoor sources of ants near buildings may reduce the likelihood of ants coming indoors... More »
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1. Purchase dry, powdered cinnamon if you do not have some on hand. 2. Locate the ants' points of entry. The easiest way to do this is by following their trail to walls, doors and
To kill ants naturally you can use baking soda. Ants will eat it causing them to explode. If you have ants in your home however, you can place 1-2 bay leaves on your cupboard shelves
Learning how to kill ants can be an important skill in the face of an ongoing infestation. Once foraging ants find a source of food or water in your home, they'll mark it with a special
The ants don't take the cinnamon anywhere because they hate it. So it does not act like a poison. Ants just seem to have a sensitivity to the strong odor of it. This makes sense given
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There are natural ways to kill outside ants. Lemon juice can be sprayed around walkways and yards to get rid of pesky ants. Cinnamon is another cost effective ...
To kill ants indoors, try sprinkling some cinnamon or black pepper around the area where they normally roam and say goodbye to your ant problem. ...
Ants are repelled by the strong odor of cinnamon.This is because they communicate and navigate through the use of scent, hence it can be used as a natural repellant ...
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