Does Citalopram Cause Weight Gain?


Citalopram does cause weight gain though in some patients it may cause weight loss. The drug causes these changes in body weight by either increasing or decreasing a patient's appetite or cravings. The drug may also slow down or hasten metabolism in the body.
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Weight maintenance is a numbers game; you have to balance the calories your body needs to function and perform daily tasks, including exercise, with the calories you take in from
weight gain and antidepressants. I have recently asked the same question and my Doctor told me Wellbutrin XL has the least sexual side effects and less weight gain and I lost quite
I must admit i have been on the lose dosage of citalopram and it did make me have more of an apetite and usually i don't have one, i found myself eating about 3 bars of chocolate
2 Questions to Ask First: 1) Do you Weight Train? 2) Take a 3-5 day food log (everything you put in your mouth) and figure out if you're consuming enough food (could use a simple
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