Does Coolant Have Anything to Do with a Cars Air Conditioner Not Working?


Your cars coolant level should not have anything to do with the cars air conditioning not working. There are some other things you can check though. Start with the level of refrigerant in the system.
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Car AC works by enclosing a naturally cool gas such as freon into the AC system. The gas collect the heat and then dissipates it as it move from one part of system to another. To
An air conditioning system was first used in automobiles as early as the 1940s. Over the years, car air conditioning systems have gone through much change, although the basic concept
There are probably over 100 potential reasons why they're not working. What the actual reason is. more information would be needed to determine this. For starters, the symptoms. It
Here's how an air conditioning system and its components work: Step One: The
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