Does Cornmeal Kill Ants?


Cornmeal by itself cannot kill ants. As a matter of fact, they would find untreated cornmeal as a good treat, just as they would any other organic grain. Cornmeal has to be treated with a pesticide before it can be used to kill ants.
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1. Determine to the best of your ability where the ants are entering your home or where they are coming from outdoors. 2. Pour a half a cup to a cup of cornmeal around the ant hill,…. * Feed them corn meal. They eat it. They take it back to their nest and feast on it. They can't digest it and it kills them. Also
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Focus your management efforts on excluding ants from buildings or valuable plants and eliminating their food and water sources. Reducing outdoor sources of ants near buildings may reduce the likelihood of ants coming indoors... More »
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Cornmeal does not kill ants. Many people feel that sprinkling cornmeal where ants have been seen gets rid of the ants. The fact is that the cornmeal only temporarily stops the ants because the cornmeal interferes with the trails that they follow for a time.
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