Does Creatine Make You Fat?


Creatine is a dietary supplement that bodybuilders and strength trainers use in order to build up more lean muscle. It helps to repair muscles and allows the person to burn off fat and calories.
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1. Supplement with creatine before and after weight training. The best time to take creatine is about 60 minutes before and immediately after workouts. This will give your muscles
if they are hitting the weights hard. it will give them more strength an stamina to workout harder. but they still have to eat a good diet plan. an do cardio as well.
Weight training is a great way to gain mass without
Neither anecdotal, nor any hard data from any real studies suggests that creatine supplementation has any influence on fat metabolism at all. Conversely, there isn’t even any's-experiences-cr...
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One almost certain thing is that if you take creatine, you will gain weight. This is due to the fact that creatine is an 'osmotically active component', hence it draws water into your muscle cells, which boosts protein synthesis.
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