Does Dawn dish soap kill fleas on dogs?


Dawn dish soap kills fleas on dogs. The soap damages the exoskeletons of the fleas, killing them almost instantly. It is best to use the dish soap in place of pet shampoo as part of the dog's regular bath.

To kill fleas on a dog with Dawn dish soap, prepare a regular bath for the pet. Apply several tablespoons of the soap directly to the animal's fur and work it into a lather. Rinse well. This method may take several baths to completely kill the fleas, depending on the severity of the infestation. It is not recommended for use in place of other flea-prevention methods.

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1. First step is to wash your pet with dish soap. In a bath tub, create a solution of equal parts Dawn dish soap and water. Using your hands or a brush, thoroughly scrub your pet
. The oils in the dish soap will suffocate the fleas.
We used the regular blue one. It worked well. You will need to vacuum well and treat with front-line plus. If it is still warm outside where you are you need to treat the grass with
The oils in the dish soap will suffocate the fleas.
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