Does Dawn dishwashing soap kill fleas?


Dawn dishwashing soap kills fleas, and the lavender-scented version repels fleas. Dawn is also used to clean animals affected by oil spills in wildlife areas.

As opposed to using flea and tick dips that have pesticides, pet owners can choose to use a product that is the first choice for many wildlife rescue efforts. While some use it with only water, some groomers add white vinegar to result in a shinier coat. Either way, the soapy lather should be left on an animal for a few minutes to ensure that the fleas are dead. Dawn removes oils from a pet's skin, so it is important to use a conditioner afterwards.

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There are many ways to kills fleas. At-home remedies that are cheap and effective can be a lifesaver. Most of these remedies—such as ones involving Dawn dish detergent and vinegar
1. Choose the right brand of dish soap. For dogs and other pets that can be bathed safely, you will need Dawn dish detergent. Using Dawn is recommended because it works best for killing
. The oils in the dish soap will suffocate the fleas.
The oils in the dish soap will suffocate the fleas.
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