Does DHL Deliver on Sunday?


In the United States, DHL does not deliver on Sundays because Sunday is not considered a business day in the United States. However, days considered business days vary from country to country, so you should call the local DHL office in the country that the delivery is expected. For example, in some Muslim countries, Saturday and Sunday are considered business days but Fridays are not.
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In abnormal circumstances when DHL can't clear the shipment with customs due to high value, and If the recipient does not have any IEC License despite it is individual or company,
Here's a guesstimate. I assume you are asking about not just envelopes (Documents) but also Parcels. Back in the day when DHL had a US domestic and Int'l business, it used to have
First of all it's illegal for them to leave it in the mail box. Federal law states that once the mailbox is installed it becomes U.S. Government property and ONLY U.S. Government
DHL website does not state what time they start delivering, only
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