Does Drinking Ensure Make You Gain Weight?


Drinking ensure may make you gain weight as a single shake contains 250 calories in an 8 ounce bottle. This amount of calories is considered to be quite a lot for one serving and can make one gain weight if consumed in a regular basis.
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1. Choose light beer. Light beers average 103 calories, where regular beers average 156 calories according to "The truth about calories and beer" published on Fermentedly
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Not Medical Advice: Sorry, no information on how long you will gain weight. But Ensure helps gain weight in patients but not in healthy persons & young adults.
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Out of all of the ways a person can attempt to gain weight, drinking supplements are the easiest. Ensure is a type of drink that is popular for gaining weight. ...
Ensure can help a person gain weight, because of its high calorie and sugar content. However, other options should be considered to gain weight, as high calorie ...
Generally scarfing down foods to gain weight is foolish and unhealthy. A safer way to do it, is to buy boxes of ensure, and drink twice a day. You get lots of ...
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