Does Drinking Saltwater Make You Sick?


The body needs a certain amount of salt to function properly. Some people claim that drinking salt water is a way to clean the body of toxins, contaminants, and other materials. Drinking salt water will make you sick, and cause you to vomit.
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Drinking salt water will do a number of things. The first thing it will do is probably make you vomit. If you manage to keep it down it will dehydrate your body from the inside out
The more saltwater you drink, the thirstier you will become. If you continue to drink saltwater, the body will become dehydrated and begin to shut down. When dehydration sets in,
Virtually nonexistent.
Saltwater doesn't sound as deadly as, say, taking your chances on puffer fish sushi. After all, our bodies depend on both water and salt to function. Water, the universal solvent
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To get drinking water from saltwater, there a couple of methods. You can cover and boil it, then collect the dripping vapor, or you can use reverse osmosis. For ...
If you only drink a little saltwater nothing will normally happen. However, if you drink a lot of saltwater, you risk having seizures, and dehydrating. You could ...
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