Does Drivers Weight Affect Speed Racing Cars?


The driver’s weight can affect the speed racing cars. According to the NASCAR driver physical conditioning, the driver has to include weight training so as to build up strength for steering and breaking. It’s also important for the driver so that he can withstand the abuse from bouncing around and getting slammed from excessive G-forces.
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Weight distribution is based on many factors and a driver’s weight does not matter. A car weighs so much overall, and that is distributed between front and rear. When the driver gets on the brakes, the total remains the same, but the effective – or dynamic – distribution, alters. Weight is effectively shifted to the front wheels but since the total remains the same, the rear effectively weighs less.
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Vehicle weight is listed as curb weight and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) Curb weight identifies the actual weight of the vehicle without passengers. GVWR identifies the weight
It depends on what form of racing, the restriction is the rules. limiting displacement, boost (if even allowed) type of fuel allowed. The down force package the engineers/crew want
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the heavier a car is the more power required to get it up to speed the weight is not as important as the power to weight ratio.
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