Does Driving a Car in Neutral Save Gas?


Coasting a car to neutral mode does not necessarily save gas. This is because most vehicles still burn fuel even in neutral mode. When you lift you foot from the car's accelerator, the fuel delivery will be completely off and hence you save gas.
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When a car is decelerating down a hill leave it in gear. If the car is pushing the engine then the engine computer does not inject any more fuel to keep the engine running. If the
Save gas while driving your car by making slow, smooth accelerations. During acceleration your vehicle uses the most fuel per gallon. By using a slow, smooth acceleration technique
the ways that a hybrid car saves gas is by taking the energy that comes from the engine and tires spinning goes to a set of rechargeable battery's that hold the charge to were when
One of things that is best to have when driving car is to have tuned up vehicle. Also try to replace the air filter on a regular basis. Drive with well-inflated tires for faster and
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