Does Eating Raw Potatoes Cause Worms?


Yes, eating raw potatoes does cause worms. In fact, raw potatoes themselves usually carry harmful bacteria and trichina worms. Therefore, these worms can spread in the stomach and intestinal areas if consumed.
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You will not get sick if you eat a raw potato that has no green in it. However, there are glycoalkaloids in potatoes that if exposed to light or have aged, will cause a build up of
I've been researching this myself, and it seems to be attributed to either food allergy or the presence of Eugenol, which has anesthetic properties.
No harm in eating the potatoes raw, but they may find them a little harder
Eugh - poor you! Sadly (speaking as a veg-growing gardener! I know that lots of creatures like potatoes at least as much as we do. There are a whole bunch of pests whose larvae chew
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