Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots work?


Calorie Lab's analysis of the diet plan provided by Fat Loss 4 Idiots shows that it may result in weight loss. According to Calorie Lab, the diet plan limits the amount and type of food participants can eat.

According to Calorie Lab, the diet plans generated by Fat Loss 4 Idiots are low-carbohydrate diets that emphasize eating protein and vegetables. Calorie Lab rated the diet on various aspects common to successful weight loss plans, and based on this assessment the diet was given a low rating in several areas.

In particular, the theory behind the diet was considered disjointed and not scientifically valid. They also cited a lack of peer support, as the plan was created without any avenues of support in place. Also, as the diet provides exact meal plans, it does not allow for the natural development of new eating patterns.

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