Does FedEx operate on Sundays?


FedEx has SameDay service, which is offered only in certain areas, on Sundays. SameDay service is a premium service intended for extremely urgent deliveries. Customers are charged significantly higher fees for SameDay service than they are for standard FedEx services.

In addition to FedEx SameDay service, FedEx linehaul trucks also move on Sundays. Linehaul trucks, unlike delivery trucks, are the large semi tractor-trailers that carry packages over long distances. Other FedEx entities that operate on Sunday include essential operations divisions as well as sort facilities. Although standard FedEx service is not available on Sundays, Saturday service is available for an additional fee. FedEx pickups are not performed on Sundays except in the case of SameDay service.

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When a FedEx Ground package is picked up, the company immediately forwards it to the nearest distribution center for sorting and processing. The company boasts nearly two dozen distribution
FedEx is not open on Sundays.
FedEx hours vary depending upon exact location, most FedEx offices are closed
Read the book, "FedEx Delivers' by Madan Brila. It's an excellent compilation on "how the world's leading shipping company keeps innovating and outperforming the competition
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A person should contact a local Fed Ex to determine if they deliver on Sunday. Usually, Fed Ex typically does not deliver on Holidays or Sundays as well. ...
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