Does Few Mean 3?


Few means a small or limited number of things or people. The number three may mean few things to some people while it may mean several things to other people. It all depends on the context of a topic or what is being discussed.
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They wanted the story with Caffrey holding the treasure to advance as much as possible, and, simultaneously, keep in pace with Burke's advancements in the investigation into Adler's
aristocracy- rule by the best. oligarcgy-rule by the few. democracy-rule by the many.
Kryptonite, Loser, and Duck and Run are three of 3 Doors Down's most
Most agree a few means 3. A couple means 2. Some means 4. Several means 5. Good Luck!
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This is one of those words in English that can mean different things depending on context. You might say something like "Don't worry; I have a few dollars ...
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