Does Fiat Own Ferrari?


Fiat Group owns an 85% stake in the Ferrari and the rest is owned by Piero Ferrari and the Mubadala Development Company. In 1969, Fiat took a 50 per cent stake in Ferrari Company and Fiat quickly started influencing the improvement, production as well as marketing of Ferrari's road cars.
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Ferrari is owned by the Fiat Group, in 1947 the first Ferrari car was produced, which was the 125 Sport car. Ferrari's are sports cars and are typcally a fast driving car.
Ferrari is not part of Fiat.
Perhaps you're referring to the Fiat Dino? Not to be confused with the Ferrari's own Dino line of cars launched two years later, in 1968. In the mid-60s, Fiat needed a power unit
1. Turn on your computer and log onto your Web browser. 2. Go to the Fiat 500 website and find the "Configuration 500" design tool. 3. The distinctive Fiat 500 with a white
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Ferrari is not part of Fiat. Battista Pinin Farina that designed the Ferrari also designed the Fiat 124 spider, lancia. The company itself have no relation other ...
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