Does garlic repel mosquitos?


According to the New York Times, garlic has a strong odor that apparently has no effect on repelling mosquitoes. One of the only beverages or food that has proven to have an effect on mosquitoes is alcohol, which only serves to attract them.

Typically, mosquitoes are able to find their prey by searching for carbon dioxide, lactic acid and body heat. Individuals who are bitten less often usually have specific genes that enable them to disguise themselves from mosquitoes. To date, one of the substances that is known to best repel or block mosquitoes is known as DEET, which works by masking scents that would otherwise attract them.

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1. Prepare garlic oil by taking an entire head of garlic (peeled) and placing the cloves in 2 cups of olive oil. Simmer in a pan for 15 minutes, and then allow to cool completely.
When you eat garlic, an invisible layer of garlic oil seeps from your pores
since vapires and mosquitos are both drink blod it is supused that garlik were work for vampires to repil them.
Insect repellent oil works by discouraging insects from landing on, or even coming near to, the surface to which it is applied. Insect repellent oils will only repel mosquitoes and
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