Does Garlic Repel Mosquitos?


Garlic is more effective at repelling some species of mosquito. Compounds such as allicin, which garlic liberates are inimical to mosquitoes. The strong smell of garlic also overwhelms the mosquito's intelligence of smell and stops them from getting their prey.
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1. Prepare garlic oil by taking an entire head of garlic (peeled) and placing the cloves in 2 cups of olive oil. Simmer in a pan for 15 minutes, and then allow to cool completely.
When you eat garlic, an invisible layer of garlic oil seeps from your pores
One of the best products to keep away mosquitoes is cedar oil. Cedar oil is the best mosquito repellent.
1. Avoid wasting your money on ultrasonic mosquito repellent machines. These are claimed to ward off mosquitoes in their hordes and sadly, people keep buying them on the strength
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