Does Hair Bleach Damage Your Hair?


Hair bleach damages your hair because it strips the moisture from your hair and causes hair breakage. It also causes adverse reaction, burning of the scalp and discolours the skin colour.
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1. Apply a deep-conditioning treatment to your hair three times a week and leave it on overnight. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave the conditioner on overnight while you
Excessive bleaching of the hair without proper conditioning can damage your
Damaged hair isn't attractive, and when hair needs repair it's quite obvious. It tends to be frizzy, out of control, and it's very brittle. Hair sometimes requires repair due to a
if u only do it the first time it isn't all that bad depending on how long ur keeping it in and how long your hair takes in bleaching usually your going to have hair breakage which
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It is not recommended that you use Clorox Bleach to bleach your hair. This can cause scalp burn and many problems with your hair. Hair bleaching should only be ...
Many people wrongly trust the term 'bleaching' is related to the product Clorox bleach yet this not true. Clorox bleach does not lighten hair and should not be ...
Yes, bleaching your hair is bad for it. You could end up burning off your hair because of all the chemicals. ...
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