Does Hairspray Damage Your Hair?


Hairspray can damage your hair. Some brands are more harsh than others, especially those containing alcohol. Avoid combing your hair after it is sprayed as it is more brittle and more likely to break.
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Nothing at all.tests show that if you use hairspray then wash it out a day or two after there are no effects.
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Matrix Biolage Complete Control Extra Hairspray is a good one. Thanks!
If you must use a brand from walmart then i would suggest getting the suave generic version of professional brands. The work just as well. I use them as a back up to the professional
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Does Hairspray Damage Your Hair?
Hairspray is often used by both men and women to hold hairstyles in place. Common ingredients include alcohol and polymers that are similar to those found in paint and glue. In hairspray, though, they are chemically modified to be flexible and... More »
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Hairspray may give you a 'well-groomed' look, but it tends to be dangerous for your hair. Some hairsprays may cause dry hair, excessive dandruff ...
Hair bleach damages your hair because it strips the moisture from your hair and causes hair breakage. It also causes adverse reaction, burning of the scalp and ...
Clogged hair spray nozzle is caused by the drying of the resin which blocks the outlet hole in the sprayer. To de-clog a hairspray nozzle, get a small cotton cloth ...
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