Does Hard Alcohol Go Bad?


Hard alcohol rarely goes bad. If the hard liquor is unopened, it has a very long shelf life and will never go bad. Opened bottles of hard liquor are also very stable and may lose some of its taste but doesn't actually go bad in the sense of spoilage.
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AS long as you put the hard boiled eggs in the fridge immediately, they can last for about 7-9 days in the fridge. If you do not refridgerate them, they must be eaten within 48 hours
i wouldn't eat them after about 2 weeks.
Having alcohol in your system makes it harder to tan because alcoho...
Hi George, As noted already, a hard disk is a mechanical device that will, eventually, fail. It can fail for a number of reasons ... but there are a few precautions that can help
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In my opinion, alcohol itself is not bad. When used responsibly it can be fun, and in some cases a glass of wine a day can be healthy. However, if you break the ...
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