Does Jay-Z have kids?

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Jay-Z does not have children
Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z was one of East Coast rap's top acts as the 21st century began, known for his street-hustler background and for creating his own label, Roc-A-Fella Records. Jay-Z released his debut album Reasonable Doubt in 1996. His breakthrough... More>> · More images »
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B. eyonce. and Jay-z have no kids yet. They just got married like a year ago so I would be surprised to find out if they did have any until after there second or third anniversary
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Whoa, does Jay-Z have a kid? Well, if he does, it wasn’t the little rugrat he was sitting with at the Grammys last night. The boy Jay and Rihanna referred to as “Julez
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Several tabloids reported that Jay-Z is also the father of the son of Shenelle Scott, a model from Trinidad. Her ex-boyfriend Malik Sayeed discovered through a paternity test that he was not the boy's father, and he alleged that Jay-Z was the child's biological father. Sayeed's father, Jerard Andrews, told the tabloids that Jay-Z had paid her $1 million "to keep her mouth shut." However, the story was later recanted, and neither Jay-Z nor his representatives have confirmed the story.

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Jay Z currently has one child on the way with his wife Beyonce. The child is due be born in early 2012. ...
Jay z calls himself hova since he considers himself to be the king of rap or the god of rap music. In one of his songs he says that They call me J-Hova cause the ...
Rihanna Fenty became famous after she was signed to Def Jam Records where Jay-Z was CEO. After Jay-Z heard her sing, he was convinced that she had great potential ...
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