Does John Cena have kids?

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John Cena does not have any children
Relationship: is divorced
John Cena has been a dominant figure in the professional wrestling business of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since the mid-2000s, an 11-time WWE champion known for his clean-cut meets hip-hop persona. He grew up in Massachusetts and played football... More>> · More images »
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John Cena was recently married to Elizabeth Huberdeau (11 July 2009 - present) and's...
Answer I am not sure what John Cena's current salary is, but I do know that the most money Hulk Hogan ever made with the WWF in one year was $6,000,000, and John Cena Exceeded that
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John Cena was married to Elizabeth Huberdeau for three years, but the union ended in divorce in 2012. His girlfriend, Nikki Bella, is also a professional wrestler and is one of the stars of "Total Divas," a reality TV show that gives viewers a glimpse into the professional and personal lives of female wrestlers. On one of the episodes, John Cena advised Nikki that he does not want to marry again or ever have children.

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