Does Johnny Knoxville have any kids?


As of June 2014, Johnny Knoxville has three children: Madison, Arlo and Rocko. His daughter Madison is with his first wife, Melanie Lynn Cates; his daughter Arlo and his son, Rocko, are with his second wife, Naomi Nelson. Johnny Knoxville is best known for his MTV series, "Jackass."

Johnny Knoxville was born on March 11, 1971 in Knoxville, TN. His full name is Philip John Clapp; he takes his stage name from his place of birth. He created the show, "Jackass," as a reality show where he and his crew would perform stunts that were oftentimes dangerous. The show lasted two years, from 2000-2002, and would go on to become a movie franchise.

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johhny knoxville has 2 kids.
Johnny Knoxville has one daughter named Madison. Thanks for asking
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Johnny Knoxville has three children: Madison, Rocko Akira, and Arlo
Johnny Knoxville is best known for Jackass, a series on MTV (2000-2003) and a franchise that led to more short films and features. He got his start in entertainment in the early 1990s, moving to Los Angeles and using his hometown as his surname. He got... More>> · More images »
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