Does Keith Harkin Have a Girlfriend?


Keith Harkin is from Ireland. He is the vocalist for Celtic Thunder. He has been performing since he was a kid. Keith Harkin does have a girlfriend who he has tweeted about named, Ruth.
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I don't think Keith is dating anyone or being serious with anyone, he say so . . . Yeeeeep. He's single. I think he wants to focus on his music before having a committment. But hey,
He did/does not have one. In an interview he said that he is single and not looking.
Keith Harkin was born on June 10th in 1986. He's quite the studly boy! Keep on doing the
He is talking about the song "Lauren & I" saying that he wrote it back in the day when he was younger to attract the girls and now a'days he writes songs more about
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You can view Keith Harkin biography by visiting the website ...
Keith Harkin is about 6'1. He is a very tall guy. He plays basketball for the Celtics. A basketball fan would be familiar with who he is. He is a very fast player ...
Keith Harkin's Myspace page says he is single. I am not seeing anything ...
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