Does Lemon Juice Burn Fat?


Lemon juice helps you to feel less hungry and a study from Arizona State University found that people who eat high levels of Vitamin C are able to lose weight easier than people who do not. However, lemon juice does not directly burn fat but rather helps to increase the efficiency of digestion and detoxification.
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Does Lemon Juice Burn Fat?
May people are concerned about how to maximize health through diet, exercise and weight loss. Does lemon juice burn fat? No, not by itself, but it does work well with the body to reduce its fat stores.... More »
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Lemon juice does not burn fat. It only gives your immune system a boost and aid in digestion. Ingesting lemon juice causes your body to produce an acid-neutralizing alkaline substance that helps restore the pH balance.
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If you are just drinking lemon juice, get ready for heartburn and a sore tummy! Lemon juice contains high levels of citric acid and used in a concentrated form over time, it will
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It's because there is so much acid in them and your eyes are sensitive. Other fruits that have lots of acid are oranges and limes.
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