Does Lettuce Expand Your Stomach?


Lettuce is comprised mostly of water. Thus, it does not do much to expand your stomach. Lettuce-rich foods, like salad, are considered quite healthy if eaten without fattening dressing.
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lettuce doesn't have a lot of caloric value so it does not expand the
Lettuce is a plant, and as such contains fiber. Normally a large proportion of the water we get in our food is absorbed by the large intestine back into the bloodstream. When too
Prior to the common answer for this,the diaphragm does NOT! allow the stomach to expand. Rugae is the anatomical structure that allows the stomach to expand.
No. Our digestive track does not contain the enzymes we would need to break down things like lettuce. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 03:14AM EST. Source
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