Does Lettuce Expand Your Stomach?


Lettuce is comprised mostly of water. Thus, it does not do much to expand your stomach. Lettuce-rich foods, like salad, are considered quite healthy if eaten without fattening dressing.
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lettuce doesn't have a lot of caloric value so it does not expand the
Lettuce is a plant, and as such contains fiber. Normally a large proportion of the water we get in our food is absorbed by the large intestine back into the bloodstream. When too
Your stomach will growl if you are hungry or have an upset stomach. If you ate something to upset it, it will growl at that too. The best cure is to eat something and try to use the
Because stomach is elastic and it is responsible for propelling and mixing chymes inside it. The food that enters the stomach is called chyme. Rugae enables the stomach to expand.
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