Does lifting weights make you shorter?


According to, weight lifting is a safe way to strengthen bones and can only result in stunted growth if injuries to the growth plate occur. Proper weight lifting with correct technique does not stunt growth or make an individual shorter. states that growth plates are found on the ends of bones in children and adolescents. Growth plates are areas of tissue around which bones grow. If a growth plate is damaged by a falling weight, it may affect the length of the bone that grows around it. Therefore, injuries to a growth plate can possibly result in situations where one leg grows shorter than the other. However, the growth plate would have to be seriously damaged; proper technique and form minimize the possibility of something like this occurring.

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it may be due to stiffness of shoulder joint which is caused due lack of adequate motion in the region.the treatment is easy jst 15 mins daily shoulder exercise NO i dont mean exercise
The only possibilities are the cartilage between your discs shrinks by the over weight you lift or the vertibral column bends by the over weight you lift.
A weightlifting belt can be a reminder to keep your spine in the correct
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