Does Lifting Weights Make You Stop Growing?


Lifting weights is a great way to exercise. Some urban legends say that lifting weights will stop your growth, but this is absolutely untrue. The fact is, lifting weights actually promotes muscle growth and physical growth, by naturally releasing human growth hormone throughout the body.
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Whether its weights, calisthenics, or Charles Atlas dynamic tension, excessive strength training during the developmental years can in fact cause an unnatural upsurge in testosterone
Lifting weight will help build stronger arms. To grow bigger arms, try lifting close to your one repetition maximum for lower repetitions. An example would be lifting 75 to 90 percent
hahahaha my roflicopter goes soi soi soi soi soi lol. i hear that too but im 19 and ive been lifting weights for over a year now and i doubt it does cuz im still growing lol and my
Muscle growth comes about because of hypertrophy or hyperplasia. H...
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If you want to make your biceps grow to 17 inches, you will want to lift weights on a regular basis. Do workouts that really work your biceps area the most. ...
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