Does Light Weight and More Reps Burn More Fat Than Heavy Weight Low Reps?


Typically, the longer you work your muscles, the more calories are burned. Doing many more reps with lighter weight will burn more calories than lifting heavy weights for low number of reps. However, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn.. even at rest.
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You're all wrong. You will not get bigger unless you eat enough to get bigger. Think of it like building a house. Your food is the bricks, but you don't get a house unless you hire
If you are going for a better 1 rep max then yeah you should cut it to 4-6 and lift heavier. After like 3-4 weeks of doing 4-6 reps switch to dumbbells and do those for about 3-4
ya, do the heavy weights, but.dont go so heavy, that you hurt yourself & your tendons and muscles. Source(s) btdt.
The light weight/higher reps workout is for getting lean and defined. The heavy weight/less reps workout is for getting bulkier. You wanna get big quick? Work my warehouse job haha.
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In order to tone your arms you need to do more reps and try not to go so heavy on the weight unless you're trying to bulk up. Heavier weight will make your arms ...
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