Does Lightning Come from the Ground?


Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity, so it is probably from the sky first.
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Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity, so it is not come from the ground.
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Lightning actually comes first as the lightning is what causes the thunder. If there is not lightning, then there is no thunder. Some say that thunder is first, but it is the lightning
The Earth's atmosphere is filled with electrical charge. This charge is created by positively and negatively charged ions. During normal conditions, these ions are uniformly distributed
Cloud-to-ground lightning A channel of negative charge, called a step leader, will zigzag downward in roughly 50-yard segments in a forked pattern. MORE?
Lightning is an electric current. Within a thundercloud way up in the sky, many small bits of ice (frozen raindrops) bump into each other as they move around in the air. All of those
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Lighting comes from the sky as it is formed by a gigantic electrostatic discharge from clouds to the ground. For lighting to form there will have to be a way for ...
Lightning is described as an electrostatic discharge which is caused by an unbalance in the atmosphere. The discharge takes place between the cloud to the ground ...
Lightning is an electric discharge caused by positive and negative charges in the sky. Lightning normally involves the flow of electrons and therefore the flow ...
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