Does lightning strike up or down?


Lightning occurs when a cloud builds up a partition of charge. The cloud facing the earth has a negative charge, while the top of the cloud ejects positive charges out and up into the upper atmosphere. So the cloud has all this additional electrical energy on the part facing the earth, and ultimately it dumps the energy down in the direction of the earth, which tends to have a positive charge compared to the cloud's underbelly.
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Lightning will strike either within a cloud, from one cloud to another cloud, or from a cloud to earth. If lightning strikes the earth it can hit anything such as a person, car, house
Lightning can move from sky to ground or from ground to sky or from
Lightning strikes the highest point first, whether it is a lightning rod, tree or telephone pole.
What is certain is that the whole lightning rod system on the tower is scrupulously maintained and has worked perfectly for a long time (I have never heard of any casualties) - it's
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