Does Lime Keep Snakes Away?


Lime does not keep snakes away in fact there is no powder or liquid that can be used that will repel snakes around your property. There are however certain things you can do to keep them out including getting rid of habitat and keeping rodents under control.
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One way to keep snakes away from your house is to pick up all the debris outside. If you have old junk sitting around or old lumber, snakes love to curl up and sleep in that. Get
1. Remove hiding places. Rattlesnakes (and their prey) often seek shelter under lumber piles, rock piles, rotting wood, roofing tin, canoes and anything else they can crawl under.
i would say a pot-belly pig if you have sone real money.
Sprinkle mothballs around where the snakes are and they will go away. Go to your pharmacy &
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You can keep snakes away by using a snake fence. The fence needs to be flush to the ground and extend outward. By angling the fence outward the snake cannot climb ...
To keep snakes away from your house you will need a snake repelling product which you can purchase at a garden store, some rodent traps, caulk and a caulk gun. ...
The vibration from mowing a lawn can keep snakes away organically, without harsh chemicals or techniques that may harm the snake. Regular mowing is best. If garden ...
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