Does Liquor Expire?


While liquor doesn't exactly expire like milk does, light and heat do affect it. The best way to preserve liquor is to keep it well sealed and protected from extreme temperature changes. Most alcohol over 60 proof is self preserving and when kept well sealed will last indefinitely.
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It depends on the type of liquor. With bourbon since it has so much
The shelf life for commercially produced beers or malt liquors is usually a maximum of four months.
All of it, as long as the alcohol content was initially over 20% will be fine. You may have lost a few percent of alcohol if the cork was very porous, but don't worry, you can drink
As Mr. Adams tells you, no one can answer your question without knowing the injuries involved. Also, the facts you provide would have to be expanded upon to make an intelligent assessment
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Brandy and any other base liquor (gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey) do expire. However, they are on average the most stable distilled spirits and can be kept ...
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