Does Magnesium Conduct Electricity?


Magnesium is a ductile, silver-white, chemically active metal with a hexagonal close-packed crystalline structure. The presence of delocalized electrons in its structure makes it a fairly good conductor of electricity.
Q&A Related to "Does Magnesium Conduct Electricity?"
it doesn't only if it is a molten or liquid.
Magnesium conducts electricity because it is a metal with relatively free electrons that can move from atom to atom. It is like a cloud of electrons that can be pushed along under
Electricity consists of the movement of negatively charged electrons. Substances that conduct electricity, such as iron, have some way of letting the electrons move from one place
When an ionic compound is melted or dissolved in water to form an aqueous solution, it can conduct electricity. This is because the ions are free to move in the molten state while
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