Does Mayonnaise Help Your Hair?


Mayonnaise can help your hair. Using mayonnaise as a treatment can aid in reconstruction and conditioning. The mayonnaise should be applied to the hair and washed out after thirty minutes.
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Mayonnaise is very moisturizing due to the oil content and if used
Mayonnaise is a wonderful conditioner, leaving you with silky, shiny, healthy hair. However, unlike commercial conditioners, mayonnaise doesn't rinse out with water. That's because
1. Rinse your hair in cool water. Be sure that it is not hot, or the mayonnaise will set in your hair and be near impossible to rinse out. [1] Continue rinsing until the water running
I know from personal experience that REAL MAYO is a really good deep treatment for your hair. I have heard that the reason is from the fat in the mayo. I have also heard it be called
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Yes, mayonnaise can make your hair shiny. Mayo will also soften your hair and kept it free from tangles. ...
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