Does Medicaid Cover Breast Reductions?


In certain cases Meidicaid will cover breast reductions but in some cases they do not. Certain criteria must be met in order for Medicaid to cover breast reductions.
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Medicaid only covers breast reductions if they are medically necessary. This is only allowed if you are suffering any sever pains as a result of large breasts. Be sure to confirm before going through with it.
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Considerations Insurance companies only consider covering a breast reduction if the candidate suffers severe back pain--especially in the upper region of the back--and if the breasts
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Medicaid can only be used for breast reduction surgery if
I don't think so. first your breast aren't all that large. True DD's are small.…. The difference between to cup sizes isn't really
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Medicaid may pay for breast reductions on a case-by-case basis. They will not approve a reduction for cosmetic purposes. ...
Some insurance plans will cover breast reductions. However, the reduction needs to be found medically necessary and not just a cosmetic procedure. ...
Many insurance companies have very strict guidelines in place before they will approve any patient for a breast reduction. The best way to determine whether or ...
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