Does Michael Morpurgo Have Any Pets?


Michael Morpurgo used to have a pet dog that was called Bercelet, but the dog passed away. He gave out this information in an interview and also stated that he also keeps bantams and hens. Michael Morpurgo is a renowned author.
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Michael Mupurgo had a dog called Bercelet who died last year and now all he has is seven hens, and a cockerel called George.
Michael Morpurgo has been an author for 20 years.
A Job in Canterbury. A Job in Canterbury.
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Michael Morpurgo is an English poet, author, librettist and playwright, popularly known for his work in children's literature. As of July 2012, he was married ...
Michael Morpurgo has an elder brother called Pieter but no sisters. the two were born to the same father although their mother remarried and they took their adoptive ...
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