Does Microsoft own Apple?


Microsoft doesn't own Apple. Microsoft just bought $150 million worth of Apple's non-voting shares, pledged to not sell them for at least three years, and thus became a significant investor in its rival. Microsoft currently seems to own 0.0046% of Apple through a private capital management fund.
Q&A Related to "Does Microsoft own Apple?"
Microsoft does not own any shares in Apple. As part of the settlement to a long running legal dispute between the two companies Microsoft invested $150 million in non-voting Apple
Steve Jobs announced that Microsoft would be making an investment of 150,000 shares in Apple (Series A, non voting, convertible preferred stock) worth about 150 million dollars. These
Microsoft owns no Apple stock, they originally bought options
Heh no. Microsoft owns NOTHING of apple. Several years ago MS bought 150 million in NON-VOTING Apple stock. It was merely a way for MS to show the government that they weren't being
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