Does My Landlord Have to Paint before I Move in?


Your land lord has to paint before you move in so that the room or house may look beautiful and have some interior designs that will attract your attention. The land lord also has to paint in order to make the house look clean, presentable and have all the insects and animals that may be hiding in the house thrown out.
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A lease is a binding contract. You could likely sue for "breach of contract" but there is probably a cancellation clause. I suggest you seek out an agency called "Legal
This is just a hypothetical, nothing has happened (yet). I would not put this past my landlord! My lease runs out August 31st. I plan to move out of here on July 24th and 25th. I
well, to be honest, your personal living arrangements are not your landlords problem however i think he is a bit thoughtless wanting to paint while you are in there is there no way
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Your landlord does not have to paint your apartment unless it says he does in the lease. Most of the time, the apartments are painted before you move in. ...
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