Does Naruto ever become a Hokage?


Naruto becomes the Hokage for one whole week in Ultimate Ninja 3. The Hokage are the leaders of Konohagakure. A new Hokage is only chosen by the current Hokage upon their retirement or death of an old Hokage.
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yes naruto becomes hokage but the ten tailed fox gets loose naruto dies end of story.
yes i think after kicking madara's *** the village will want him as the hokage. but if he will want to be after losing so many people he cares for is another question. i think he
Naruto's final battle is with his father, the legendary "Yellow Flash", the 4th Hokage. Naruto wins & becomes Hokage with some help from his mother who dies!
Just like the guy above me said. He will definitely be Hokage in the epiloge. He already surpassed Jariaya, (if u don't know what im talking about, u will eventually) so there is
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More than a few fans would love to see Naruto get married to Hinata. Some people assume that if Naruto were to actually become the Hokage like he wants he would ...
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